Today we’ll be focusing on how to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. We’ll do it by having a closer look at the secrets of those who made it already or are on the rise.

When I was at my corporate job at first – I loved it – as almost every newbie in a corpo world. I felt like I was developing my skills fast, my salary grew relatively well and I quickly became a leader of a team. Then came the politics, then came the unpaid long hours (which officially weren’t supposed to happen and the company never had any right to ask for). Yet, the culture required people to work more, they were told to ‘finish the job by x date/hour’ so they were told to work more, without really being told to work overtime, as this was a big no-no. So adrenal fatigue grew on me month after month. The body was tired, the mind wasn’t effective any more after crossing the 50-hour week mark (this productivity fact is confirmed by the researches) and so the motivation went down and the sense of fulfilment decreased significantly. This job was one of the greatest lessons, taught me more about people than any other job I had before. It also helped me realise what I valued the most in life. Hence my will to become an entrepreneur grew very fast and my education on the subject became a daily ritual. In the meantime,  as more people asked for advice and sought for solutions with me, I became a business trainer. Labels aren’t my favourite thing in the world, but my work is also put in the categories of the coach. What matters the most is the fact that I am helping other coaches, entrepreneurs and creatives build a business of their dreams and I couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling job. 

The past few years were very fruitful in terms of knowledge and today is a tiny piece of what I learnt.
I would like to share 10 secrets of successful entrepreneurs which I discovered while building my business: 

1. They don’t worry that there are too many – they know that the world has billions of people yet they have their own audience, no matter how saturated the market may seem.

2. They know their dream clients – their desires, their fears, their dreams and limiting thought processes. They know them, hence they are able to help them more effectively.

3. They have high energy – they do what they love with passion. This way even the toughest tasks or problems are transformed into lessons, which tell them what they can do better next time.

4. They know they need to be visible – they are not afraid to speak up, be visible and talk about what they do. They do it all with charisma and care, because they love helping others.

5. They know that a NO now doesn’t mean ‘no’ forever – they don’t panic, as they know sometimes the potential clients may not be ready or may not be in need of their services/products. They don’t burn the bridges and remain in touch with their leads.

6. They don’t give up when they face critique or negative opinion – they know one word is not the opinion of all people under the sun.

7. They know that selling more isn’t the only business model – they know they can build a premium brand that provides exceptionally good service. They know good service makes happy customers, creates trust and hence they don’t need to sell as much. They also know that fees are just a filter for the clients they want to serve.

8. They pay attention to what people around them say – they listen to their potential clients, even if they don’t buy in the end, because they know the more they learn about the market, the better product or service they can create. They are also not afraid to ask questions, interview and develop from the conversations they had.

9. They are able to close a sale without even selling – a great and highly valuable service/product doesn’t need much marketing fluff. They know in today’s economy the most valuable asset they have is trust, so they are trustworthy, they raise up to the challenge and deliver the best they can imagine.

10. They know it is easier to keep a client than to find a new one – they take good care of their professional relationships, deliver hell of a lot of value and keep in touch with their clients. 

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