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The world is full of amazing people. And that’s the good news. But bad news is that most of them remain amazing inside their heads. They make titles and attach themselves to them. They introduce themselves as someone they wished they were, but in reality their minds resists change. Yes, change – the popular word that can have so many meanings. People become exceptionally creative when it comes to finding reasons why the amazing people they truly are,  don’t get appreciated by others. Why they never got the job they wanted, the partner they dreamed of and the thriving business they always planned to have. Suddenly every reason becomes good to fight the fact that the mindset needs to change. 

Have you ever noticed someone who tried to explain why they haven’t done something they promised? Their creativity flourishes. The fact is that all the energy that goes into creating defensive mechanisms could be used towards fulfilling the promise.



A while ago I went to McDonalds. I was chatting to my friend, standing in a short queue, which didn’t seem to move for long time. I didn’t mind waiting, as I was truly engaged in the conversation. At some point the conversation got interrupted by a moment of shock. We both stopped talking and waited what would happen next.


The cashier refused to serve a bunch of loud kids due to their not-so-social behaviour. I was very impressed with the lady behind the counter, as she stood by her decision, although the kids kept shouting at her, disrespecting her and delayed the whole queue. The kids looked very full of themselves and expected to be treated like kings, while their behaviour was more of wild animals.

They argued and argued for a good few minutes, instead of simply moving away for a moment, letting others to be served and agreeing between themselves what they really wanted. They wasted so much energy to create reasons why they, in fact, should be served. None of them or any of other customers benefited from the situation. So why is it so hard for people to understand that for the situation to change, they have to change first? Our minds are automatically set to resist change; they prefer staying where we are. Even now, some of you reading this, will keep finding reasons why this is all not true and thinking that the kids should have been served, no matter what. In the end they wanted to pay money for the ‘food’, some may say ‘Everyone has the right to be served’ or ‘This is racist’. Let’s sit back and see past that, shall we?





‘Who was this lady behind the counter, what right did she have to refuse to serve them? They are just kids, kids are always loud.’ ‘Why did she even bring up this situation, it doesn’t even make sense.’

When you focus on the messenger, you will always find a way not to hear the message. You start losing the context and the main point.



When it comes to resisting change the majority of people become historians. They love to revise their own history, colourizing it or, what’s worse, claiming what was said isn’t what they had in mind. ‘It’s not as bad as it looks’, ‘My job isn’t that bad, I earn a lot of money’, ‘He’s a good guy/girl, I was just angry’, ‘He/she didn’t mean hitting me in the face. He/she had a bad day, I am sure it won’t happen again.’

Ok, so your job pays well and you have a great title. What do you give in return? Did we hear you saying you work 60 hours a week. Wasn’t it you who said you hated about every task you were assigned to and your colleagues are jerks? Wasn’t it you who said your health suffers really badly, that you can’t sleep, have no time to eat, have no social life? Same as when you go out and, accidentally, you have one too many you may say ‘I am never drinking again!’, well – until next party.



‘No-one said it would take so much time’, ‘It was supposed to be easy’, ‘It’s so hard’, ‘So what, am I just supposed to never go out, but just sit here and ferment?’, ‘So now, I have to start getting haircuts and wear smart clothes?’ How many more reasons can there be? Honey, there can be countless – the mind is the limit. It can become super creative and effective when it comes to protecting its own creations. Avoiding responsibility is so convenient, so much easier than making an effort. It’s much easier to criticise, comment on others and their ideas, creations or stories. But hey, do you really want to be that guy/girl? Or do you want your own beautiful life, your own amazing lifestyle? Remember – trashing other people’s work is just another way of moving away from your own. 



The ‘e’ word is the key to your success in any field. It is a thing which is required to change anything, to achieve success, to make dreams come true and to be happy. The word that stops many from living to their full potential and making use of their energy. The EFFORT is what everyone needs to put in when expecting results. It’s the effort which distinguishes happy, fulfilled people from the ones who only talk. 



Talking is easy, it comes naturally to us. Some of us can shoot words at the speed of a machine gun. But does it change anything? Not really. Action is needed. We need to actively make efforts to create our better future.


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