“Axela dropped straight out of heavens to save our creative business. ”

We worked hard, taking on many low-paid projects. She’s given us loads of practical knowledge, solutions tailored to our needs and motivation to push our brand to the next level. Since our cooperation, we’ve changed many aspects of our business and we start noticing real results: clients come freely and we book fewer projects, but in bigger budgets.

Karla & Ania

Founders, Creative Designers & Brand Image Strategists | Shablon Studio

“She’ll help you create strategy, get rid of your mindset blocks and actually get things done”

Not only is Axela is a very knowledgeable and skilled person – she’s incredibly generous and helpful. If you, like me, have a hundred ideas per minute and are not sure how to follow through, need help organising your thoughts, create strategy, get rid of your mindset blocks and actually get things done – she’s your person! I can honestly say I feel I’m becoming a better business owner and a person thanks to her.

Alex Rogala-Jacek

CEO & Brand Stylist, adoreddesigns.com

“A few months down the line, I am getting regularly booked by people who love my work and appreciate my skills and the service I offer.”


I made the decision, left my full time job of 9 years to become my own boss and follow my dream of becoming a ‘professional photographer’. I had a small clientelle and fairly substantial portoflio but absolutely no idea how to run and grow a business. I possibly didn’t even fully realise I WAS running a business, as for many years photography was just a hobby. The leap from earning extra grocery money to running a profitable and financially viable business was a scary step and I had no idea in which direction to go. I was full of ideas but the fear and frustration of not having a structure was growing and slowly overtaking my life.

Luckily, in the right time I met Axela who agreed to work with me on developing my business vision, strategy and define who I want to be and how I want to get there. A few months down the line, I am getting regularly booked by people who love my work and appreciate my skills and the service I offer. My business is growing steadily and I finally think and act like a successful business owner. Something that only 6 months ago seemed like a ‘too good to be true’ scenario. But it is :) THANK YOU AXELA for everything!

Aga Kowalska

Photographer, Aga Kowalska Photography

“I was just too amazed! I achieved major acceleration in my approach towards reaching my business goals”

I wasn’t sure if I could get a Coach who I can learn from. I had a strong feel that I’ve got the right one upon the first call. What I liked about Axela very much was that she used subtly firm approach in terms of getting me to work on my tasks. I learnt a number of Coaching techniques, she also kept me focused and taught me how to identify my distractions. I would definitely recommend Axela. I achieved major acceleration in my approach towards reaching my business goals. During one of my Interviews as a Coach, I was asked who was my Role Model and I said, Axela without hesitation. The Interviewer was wondering who this famous person was.

Dayal Krishnan

Career Coach, Singapore |, Previously Head of IT & Contact Centre in Airline in Malaysia

“Axela showed me that I can achieve more in my life and business!

I didn’t think that just after a couple of hours of coaching I would feel such a difference. I feel confident about achieving my goals and learned so much about myself, as well as knowing how to grow my business. I have to admit – I was sceptical beforehand and thought very little about the sessions – but how wrong was I?? Axela showed me that I can achieve more in my life and thanks to a coaching with her I know which road to take. We focused on the questions about my business that – I thought – could have been answered only by professional business advisor, not myself. Fantastic sessions with a great coach that knows how to make you be honest with yourself or what questions to ask to get the best out of you. I feel like I can finally achieve my dreams! Thank you very much Axela for changing my way of thinking!

Joanna Homewood

Founder of, Sweet Vanilla Patisserie, Henley on Thames

“This girl is a magician!”

First words that came to my mind after a coaching conversation with Axela are “you are a medicine for all the bad and a hope for next year”… No, I am not exaggerating – in this short time spent with Axela was the best present you can ever get from another human being. Warm tone of voice, friendly smile, placidity and openness – all these elements were building blocks of an atmosphere in which I didn’t feel any barriers to open up in the presence of – well – a stranger. During this conversation Axela made me feel entirely comfortable, she gave me a lot of understanding and I haven’t felt judged for the slightest moment. This girl is a magician! She poured a lot of joy, hope and courage into my heart. She helped to open my eyes for a few things, thanks to which I feel full of energy, drive and strength. Axela was really curious, has put a lot of effort and care into my case – and I feel I am not the only one. She loves what she does and it is very clear when you meet her. She loves helping others and she is very good at it!

Anna Bujanowska

Volleyball Team Trainer and Coach, , Gorzow (Poland)

“I now have a power, an inner strength and feel much more confident”


I’m so grateful and delighted, I have met Axela. I cannot recommended her enough! She is such a professional, experienced, wonderful woman with a gentle disposition of a personal touch. Her brilliant knowledge, qualifications and excellent communications skills gave me faith and a proof I can achieve more, reach my goals and dreams! During the private coaching sessions, the way she spoke taught me a lot. I felt relaxed, comfortable, yet challenged. She had put all her heart and attention into any of my questions and doubts. Time spent with Axela was like an incredible, wonderful journey into my deep self. I can definitely say, I now have a power, an inner strength and feel much more confident with a conviction that I can change my life for a better one. Axela is also a very talented and creative person, so for me as an artist and a business owner it was easy to relate. She helped me a lot. I’m inspired by her experiences and a wisdom. I’m an honoured and truly recommend Axela. Thank you so, so much for your dedicated time and help.

Agga She

Founder of AggaShe Contemporary Jewellery, , London UK

“With her fantastic help, I took a step further each week”

Coaching sessions with Axela gave me so much power, encouragement, willingness and self esteem! I cannot recommend her enough! I really wanted to change my way of living and succeed in what I love, which is art and photography. With her fantastic help, I took a step further each week. I was in that dark place and thought there is no hope for me. Even when I did not want to talk about my problems, as I thought session is not able to resolve them, I was so wrong and surprised at the same time. Each week I got to know myself more, as, how selfish it may sound, coaching sessions with Axela were all about me! Without any judgement but with great support! Every session gave me the answer to my struggles and leads me to the next level of my beautiful journey! Thank you so so much Axela!

Zuzia Zawada

Published Fashion Photographer, , Henley on Thames UK

“I received so many answers, ideas and solutions.”

Conversations with Axela were one of the best hours in my life! Seriously… I received so many answers, ideas and solutions. Axela is super friendly, super helpful, she made me feel like she really cared about me and my future. She proved how much she knows about setting up and running a business.

Jagoda Wichurska

Founder of Blueberry Studio, , Reading UK

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