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Entrepreneurship is very trendy, it’s desirable and it’s shown in shiny colours. Everyone can be an entrepreneur but not everyone is ready to risk it all and sometimes it really takes It All. In other words you need being comfortable being uncomfortable. Today you’ll learn how!

We live in the best times to become your own boss. We have technology, we have all sorts of courses and programs. There are plenty of free resources and there’s so much information on the Internet. It’s all available for you but do you really want it?

Over the past few years I spoke to tenths if not hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs. The majority of them didn’t have a clue what life of an entrepreneur looks like. They have this glamorous idea of someone earning a lot of money overnight, but they never thought about the behind the scenes. They never looked at how much discomfort is written into a daily life of an entrepreneur.



So before you go any further ask yourself: do you like roller coasters? Because if not – being your own boss is unlikely to be a solution for you. If you would rather come home, sit on the sofa in a warm slippers, watch Netflix and chill on most of the days, then you are the lover of comfort.




Would you switch the so-called security of a 9 to 5 job for something which is unknown, uncomfortable and requires a lot of daily hassle? Would you rather do a lot of things that scare you as hell instead of walking the known paths? If so you are born to be an entrepreneur. The journey is a process which brings a lot of joy, pleasure, freedom of choice and satisfaction. It’s also a path which requires sacrifices, self-discipline and being uncomfortable a lot. Building a company from scratch requires you to do a lot of the things, that you would hate to do or you would rather have someone to do for you. It may require you to talk to people that you are scared to talk to. You may need to find funding, talk to investors or even banks. If you’re up for it you’re up for a helluva ride!




Then who chooses this lifestyle and why? They are the ones who aspire to have a better life. They are the ones whose heads buzz with ideas. They are these whose desire change, and the desire is stronger than their fear. They are creative, they love their freedom and though they are scared they choose to work on their own terms. Once you choose this journey you can expect to be surprised a lot. It’s an adventure, no matter if you are an entrepreneur or simply want to change something.





But it’s hard you may say! I get you. For the past few years I have been crossing all my personal boundaries. I have been uncomfortable many more times than I have ever imagined I would be. I do things that I didn’t know how to before. I learnt more than I ever thought I could. And I constantly fight with my own personal inner lazy. It takes time, dedication, effort and sometimes even pain. It’s totally worth it! You start small and as you go along you learn to spread your wings. Learn to be uncomfortable more often, with more people in a more situations. You don’t have to jump into deep water straight away. You can simply dip your ankles first, then you go up to your knees and as this starts feeling comfortable you go deeper and deeper. What time you learn to get a buzz and excitement, you learn to want more. Every time you do something new, every time you try something scary, you get extreme satisfaction.


Do one new thing, something scary every single day for the next 30 days. See how you feel at the end.





What was the last scary thing you were afraid of doing, but did it anyway?

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