Spam Score is something that can make your email or newsletter land into someone’s spam folder or in promotions folder (in Gmail). This post will show you how to avoid being penalized with a high Spam score. What we want to happen is  for the recipient to receive our newsletter or autoresponder in their main Inbox. If you don’t want your emails to land i unwanted Spam folder there are a few things that you can do in your email marketing software. Today we’re going to focus on Get Response because this is the email provider that I’m currently using.

I am pretty sure that each of your email providers has a similar set up that we can actually change spam score and if it doesn’t then you can ask them to implement it for their next change.


The first thing we’re going to do is to make sure that whenever you’re sending a message it is coming from your own domain email address instead of free such as Yahoo or Gmail. This way you’re being seen as a legitimate business, instead of someone with a fake account.


The next thing we’re going to do inside the editor (see video below) is hit test message and then go on to spam score (the third option in the menu at the top. When you click spam score you’ll see a number coming up, in my particular example it isn’t too bad at 1.1 out of maximum allowed of 5 (where 5 is bad end and 0 is best).



In order to minimize the score you need to see all the options listed in here (see video for the exact place) by Get Response. We can see that the message has a part of text that’s going over allowed area. In this case we go on to plain text at the bottom of our screen and convert html to plain. You’ll see there is a recommended width area and our text goes over it so what we need to do is shorten the lines by moving its parts to next line by simply hitting enter.

All text that’s going over this area moves to the next line. If you’re subscribed to a lot of people you may notice that in some of emails, especially the big fishes,  emails are very narrow, placed in one column.That’s exactly the reason why they do that, it simply helps with Spam Score. Once you have minimized the length of those lines you can go on to Spam Score again and see that it’s now decreased to 0.0012 which is amazing.

In the matter of minutes  you learned two very, very simple steps that will help you get your emails delivered into the main inbox instead of promotions or Spam Folder. If you liked this tutorial then don’t forget to subscribe or leave a comment below.



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