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B usiness not going as well as you wanted? Lack of clients, burnout and the feeling that you don’t know what you should do next? I know this feeling! I’ve been there too. The good news is – you can totally overcome all the above challenges. This is why I created the Fearless Founders Mastermind Program.


The enrollment is currently closed. You can read about the program below and get on the waitlist. We’ll let you know as soon as the enrollment is about to open. While you wait, enjoy our regular content: videos, articles and Live Streams with valuebale information and amazing trainings.

How it works

Get notified

Once the enrollment is about to open you’ll be the first one to know. In the meantime, we’ll send you helpful resources and invite you for amazing training. We want you to keep growing.

Enroll & Level-Up

We know you’ll love the carefully designed masterclasses, videos and articles we’ll be sending your way. Once you’re ready to change your life & business forever, enroll in the mastermind program. After you enroll you’ll get prep info, a schedule for live calls and info where to find every single piece of the program. We can’t wait to see you up-levelling your brand, life and business.

Transform Your Life & Business

Throughout this program, you’ll experience a lot of changes. You’ll become better at handling challenges. You’ll learn how to create the Magic 3S – Systems, Structures, and Strategies. You’ll also know how to attract new eyeballs to your business, how to convert leads into clients and most importantly create a real profit. Wel” show you both organic and paid ways, as well as two ways to do so that can be executed side-by-side.


See what to expect from Fearless Mastermind Program


Resources Library & Tutorials

We know people learn via various channels and we wanted to make learning even easier. So whether you prefer video, text or audio, there’s something for everyone.

Not tech savvy? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too. Building your own website, creating a newsletter or sales funnel is easier than you think. No coding knowledge required!


Templates, Checklists, Sample Funnels, Scripts, Bonus Tips

I have been through a lot and I know that if you have way too much on your plate you’re less likely to remember about the important bits – you get checklists to help with that. Sales convo scripts? They are also included. Golden testimonials? They can truly make your business – word of mouth isn’t dead and social proof goes a long way. You get questions that will help you get the best testimonials.

Grups calls & recordings

It is scientifically proven that participating in a mastermind or a group of mutual interests increases your chances of success. Why? Collective wisdom! When others ask questions you didn’t even think of it gives you massive advantage. The best part – you now have access to the recordings, so you can get back to them anytime you want.

Additional Live trainings

Business arena changes all the time and thus I want you to have what I learned so far and even more. That’s why on the top of resources from the program you get access to additional Live trainings in our private community.

Live Events & Challenges

As much as we believe you know that to be successful you need to be disciplined, we also know that sometimes doing it with others and getting additional support can make it easier. You get access to specially designed challenges with lots of fun elements. And… There’s even a live event in one of our favorite stunning locations in South of England. We want you to feel inspired :)

Reading list

Continues self-improvement is a key to personal success. You get access to the list of books that changed my life, mindset and contain pricelist insights about business. These are not the ‘latest’, ‘most popular’ books the industry shouts about printed mostly for publicity. These are real science backed resources.
I am in the early stages of my business. Is is going to help me?
This program is perfect for those who are in the startup phase or have been in a business for some time yet haven’t had the success they dreamed of. This program will help you to create a solid foundation for your business and accelerate growth.
I am a blogger and creative. Can I still take this program?
Absolutely! If you want to monetize your blog by releasing your own product or service and not to rely on advertisers and brands, this is going to show you the way. This program will help you identify who you are/will be working with (your target audience) as well as create your own offer (program, course, event, consulting).
I don't have a big email list and following. Can I still participate in this program?
Sure you can!

You don’t need to have a huge following or an email list to start with. We’ll show you how to build it in two ways: organically and with paid advertising.

Do I need to invest in anything else when enrolling?
You don’t need to invest any more in the beginning. I still do a big part of my business activities myself. On occasions, I hire support: VA, video editor and an ad specialist. That’s because I truly don’t enjoy these bits. If you know what you’re good at, what your strengths/weaknesses and likes/dislikes are you can decide to do it all yourself or hire help (even 1-2h a week). It’s not as scary or expensive as some may think. I recommend having some money for Fb/YouTube/Google ads if you want a very fast growth. You can also work more and gain amazing results with organic strategies (we teach them in the program). The choice is yours :)
How is this program different to others on the market?
I am glad you asked! This was always my first question when thinking of investing in a program. And I truly thought they all looked almost the same. So I decided to create one that doesn’t only give you structures, systems, and strategies, but also teaches you about what makes people tick. Think behavioral psychology mixed with business/digital knowledge. My aim is not to give you a fish and eat it but give you a hook, a line and teach you to fish. So even if you finish the program you can go and do it on your own. There’s also a lot of real-life examples from my client’s stories, my own and amazing people I met on my way so far.
Everyone talks about mindset these days. Does this program help with it too?
Yes! I am not the one to tell you to manifest and money will fall from the sky. But I know, as well as studies show, that what distinguishes the successful ones from people who go through life unfulfilled and unhappy is their mindset. Or rather the way they react to certain events. And while I can’t make you think or act a certain way, I can show you how to program your mind so it’s easier to deal with stress and challenges. There is a fair share of psychology based content in the program because I believe if you understand how people think and what makes them tick, you’re way ahead!
Can I learn in my own time?
We recommend you attend our live calls because they are pure gold when it comes to learning things you wouldn’t even think of that others experienced and struggled with. You can also ask questions and get solutions. Although you have access to recordings of these calls so should anything important happen in your life you can always go back. We recommend going in order of the modules delivered as they all form a path.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes, you can pay in 3 smaller installments. If you choose to pay this way you don’t get to take advantage of great savings available to those who pay in full.
Will I definitely make money?
Results of any program are a direct effect of your effort, consistency and work ethic. We don’t sit over your head with a bay leaf whipping when you don’t work. Thus there are no guarantees when it comes to results. What we do guarantee is that we’ll be supporting you every step of the way. We can also say that some of our clients already reached six figures, some are earning consistent five figures a month. Most of the clients start getting clients and earning money once in the final two months of the program. There are some who get first or next clients straight away.

Hi, I’m Axela

The owner, Business Trainer, Brand Invigorator, Certified Coach & Digital Strategist
I help business owners to understand what makes their clients (or target audience) tick, warm up their hearts and get paid. All this with their integrity intact.




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