Hi Fearless Founder, I have a question for you:

Are you afraid to promote your services or products, and blog just because you think someone might judge you or you may come off as salesy or sleazy?



If so, it’s time to change this because the world needs to hear about you. 

In this video I’ll talk about one simple mindset shift that will make you change your mind whenever you feel you’re promoting too much or when you’re scared to be too salesy.

Now, talking about your business, promoting it, mentioning your offers or services or sales could be pretty scary.


You might be thinking:
– What will they think about me?
– Are they going to judge me?
– Are they going to unsubscribe or unfollow just because I mentioned something?


Some people will do some or all of those things. Other people will actually be really grateful.  No matter the stage of your business you’re at; whether you’re just building, growing or scaling, you should be able to talk about your business with confidence and ease.


What will they think about me?

Are they going to judge me?

When you’re starting, it all seems really daunting.


You might notice that people are not commenting, they are not expressing their opinions. They follow and unfollow you, and so it might be a little bit discouraging, but…


I want you to stop right here and just be patient because the most successful businesses (which now are called an overnight success), weren’t build in a second, an hour or even a week. They usually have a lot of work and perseverance behind them. Their owners had to spend a lot of time building it.


I’m not here to tell you that you need to spend a lot of time. I’m all about working smarter and not harder. The truth is, building the authority and being actually listened to takes time. With time you will notice that providing continuous value helps you grow your audience .

Now, the fear of promoting or the feeling of becoming too salesy/sleazy often comes from one of the three categories over the way you think or behave.

The first one is you’re not promoting yourself enough and therefore you think, no one is listening. 


“No one wants to hear from me and no one wants to buy from me”

You can’t really expect people to buy or listen if you  only talk about yourself and not enough about how they can benefit from listening to you. There’s a fine balance between talking about you and sharing value – that will be at a different point for every and each of you. 

 These days people make a decision not only based on features and benefits of products, but also on the mission and vision of a person or a brand standing behind a product or service.

The second one is not having a clear strategy or schedule of posting and  releasing content into the world.


If you don’t know how often you should be posting, how your content affects people and what sort of content is really of interest to them, you will be just blobbing everything out and hoping that someone will actually like it.

It’s important to have a clear strategy, schedule and a set of themes that will help you to create content that people truly want to listen to, watch or read.


Number three is fear of being judged.


You may be afraid that once you’ll release something into the world, people will think you don’t know enough about a subject. Maybe that you don’t look good enough. That you may be too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short.


And you know what? People don’t really pay attention to your appearance as much as to the quality of your content and the work ethic that you have.


If you can show them that you consistently release value, they are much more likely to believe in whatever you’re selling because they see you actually make an effort to create something for them.


With time this creates a closer connection between them and you, because they will be surrounded by you and your content.  It is proven scientifically that we need to be exposed to any message at least seven times so our brain can even start recognising it as something of value.


Now, all the three main reasons why people get scared of promoting their business are actually all fixable.


Now, let’s go onto the main mindset shift that will help you get rid of fear.


When you know that what you’re offering is really good and you can truly turn people’s businesses or lives over, and provide a true transformation, you need to share this!

The problem is some of you will think about sharing as selling, pushing.


Not promoting your offer is actually creating a lot of disservice for you, your business, and your clients. Think about all the impact that you could have, the amount of people that you can help with your skills and expertise that don’t really hear from you.

Here’s the secret.

When you stop focusing on a promotion and you start thinking about serving people, you start thinking about actually solving someone’s problem. You finally feel “well, actually, I’m not being pushy. I’m providing them an amazing value and helping to alleviate their pain.”

Maybe it is emotional such as in grieving, coaching or love/dating coaching.
Maybe it is physical such as when it comes to injuries, when you’re helping people with physiotherapy.
Maybe you’re helping someone who doesn’t know how to lose weight after the baby is born.
Maybe they don’t know how to write a copy that converts.

When you think about serving, your mindset shifts towards helping people , instead of “I’m thinking about myself and how to sell”.


I talk about this simple phenomena in my courses and programs. You have to shift the focus from YOU to the people that you actually want to serve. As long as you’ll be focusing on yourself, on how you feel and how it makes you look, or how you are going to be judged, you’re not really helping others. Your whole focus is solely on you, so when someone sees you really closed in your shell, they don’t feel attracted to it.


The most magnetising people are the ones who are competent and generous with their knowledge.


This is why very often people start courses or programs on the topic that they were talking about for years. And people still buy it! Even though they have access to all this type of content free of charge via search engines.


This is the element that creates loyalty to your brand. It’s YOU – as a person, an expert. So… Every time you think: am I promoting too much? Am I being too salesy? Stop yourself and think about others instead of you.


When you focus on value, you get to create more impact, more income, and have fun.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what was (or is) the most scary or uncomfortable activity that is related to promoting your business or selling. 


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