I know you want to be fully booked, sell out your course and have this kind of connection with your tribe that makes them queue to work with you.

…but right now, there’s no engagement, no one’s reading, replying, listening.



IMAGINE having a Welcome Email Series that:

  • Makes thousands of people want to sign up to any of your events
  • Gets them click because they are so damn curious about what’s inside
  • Makes your subscribers feel like they’ve known you for ages
  • Gets people to like you and identify with you in just a few emails
  • Fills your calendar with strategy or clarity calls (booked by your dream clients)
  • Makes people feel like you’re reading their minds and know exactly what they need

These are the exact results you get from
The Ultimate Welcome Email Series Bundle.

There’s One simple solution

Welcome Email Series Bundle

In these 3 Training Videos  I will teach you how to create your first (or improve the next)
Welcome Email Series and Plug-N-Play Emails will save you time.


3 x Training VIDEOS

A series of three value packed video trainings which will teach you why it’s so important to have such series in place and why people actually buy from it (the psychology bit). I will show you the 4-6 stages each welcome email sequence needs to have to bring you results. We’ll do it step-by-step, so you can not only learn but it becomes easier and more pleasant with each next message you create.

6 x Plug-n-Play TEMPLATES

Bundle of templates for the whole sequence. From email 1 to 6. Done for you so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Add them into your email system, set as autoresponders, personalise and you’re ready to go. You can come back to them whenever you need to create a new sequence.  They are contain the best strategies that will automate sales and/or conversions for you.

I know how hard it is to start sometimes. You sit for hours thinking what you should do next or what to say. Don’t wait any longer! This course will show you the way. There’s plenty of information in this step-by-step guide.

3-Step Branding Workshop


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