Want clients right now? Here’s how to get them.

How can I best serve you?

Hi, Fearless Founders! Today, I’m going to show you one super simple question, but extra powerful, when it comes to creating courses online, programs, products, or services.

If you want to know how to get more clients and sell more online using brain science psychology, and the human side of success, then keep reading.

You have no idea how amazing this little word “serve” in a whole question works!

When people get asked: “What would you buy as a course?” they get slightly defensive, because usually a sentence containing the word ‘buy’ suggests you’re going to sell. When you focus on them instead, and ask them specifically: “How can I best serve you?”, their mind opens up and this way you can follow with another questions.

Once you established a little trust, you can ask them following questions such as:

“If I was to develop a program or a course, what specifically would you find helpful?”,

“What would you want to learn more about?”,

“What would you want me to unveil, so you know exactly what you’re doing?”.

This way instead of just shoving it into their face, and imposing that you may actually sell something to them right here, right now, you’re getting them involved in the process and people love to be involved.

People love to be heard.

Hence by using one of the most powerful elements of psychology in today’s world – actively listening – you’re giving someone a chance to speak, you’re a winner! 

No matter which situation I’m in. If I ask the person in the right context, in the right situation, I’ll always get the answers that I’m looking for and I hope you can do it too for your business. Don’t underestimate simple questions.


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