If you’re reading this, you probably know that there is a huge value in your email list. One of the main reasons to have one is so that people can learn to trust you and you can grow an authority status.


Most people on the Internet will tell you what to do to build the list, but they don’t really tell you what to do to keep people on your list.


Today we’re going to talk about those things that you should not do in order to keep your list happy, engaged, and of really good quality


Numbers are numbers, but what really matters is it quality and quality over quantity. The bigger the list, the harder it is to keep its hygiene in order and the harder it is for people to be really happy and satisfied. So make sure that you really pay attention to the quality of your list from start to the end.

We’ve already established that the numbers are irrelevant and that it’s the quality of relationships with your list that matters.


Here are the four things that you should never do to your list in order to keep them happy.


So what does it mean?

If someone wants to buy your list of contacts, you shouldn’t be selling them to someone just because someone offers you money. People trusted you with their details and it is actually illegal to sell their data.

Especially in the era of GDPR here in Europe, you should be really, really careful what you do with your list.

Make sure that you only send the most relevant content. Segment people based on their preferences. Because if you’re going to send them something different than you promised, obviously they’re not going to trust you in the end.






If your only motivation is money (sell, sell, sell), it’s going to come through your emails. Mmake sure that your emails provide a lot of value for your audience.

If they’re not going to find what they’re looking for in your email, they are going to unsubscribe, or even worse – they’re going, mark you as spam, which you obviously don’t want.

If it happens your emails are going to land in a promotions folder. Then they’re not going to be delivered to as many people as you would like. Thus esure that you always come from a place of service and every single email that you sent, has something of value. Something that they can learn from, get entertained by or something that solves their problem.


The third thing that is very closely connected with the first one about trust is never to promote a product that you have never personally tried.

If you want to be an affiliate marketer and you haven’t tried someone’s program and it turns out to be total crap or full, then don’t recommend it just for the sake of it.

Recommend things that you’ve tried yourself and you truly believe they align with your own values. Alternatively, promote things that might help them instead of the things that you find helpful.  Remember – your audience has specific needs and it’s important to show them how these needs can be met.






Every now and then every one of us makes a mistake. The link might not work, the technology fails us on a Webinar or we simply forgot to do something. It’s better to admit your mistakes and be a human being.


Show people your human side instead of lying, or not doing anything. People have a ‘lie’ detector set on high these days. If you can admit that you are human, that you made a mistake on or tell them about technology failure, that you haven’t had control over, they’re going to be much more understanding.  Which will result in a stronger relationship with your list.

So have you ever noticed that someone sent you something that you didn’t ask for?

Have someone tried to promote the product that you didn’t believe that they used personally?
Let me know when it goes below. I’m really, really curious. I have personally experienced such situations and I’m pretty sure some of you would have experienced that as well in the past, so let me know what it was and the comments below. Let’s not shame publicly names or brands, but let me know what it was and how you felt about it.


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