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Your want the ultimate personal freedom. You are ready to take the steps to move onto the next level. You are ready to create the life you truly desire. You want to start or grow your business. You want to LEVEL UP!

Are you an ambitious action taker, who's ready to build a business with high impact, income, and fun. 
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Strengthen My Brand

Create a brand which stands out and at the same time truly represents your values, mission and personality.
Let's make it truly YOU.

Grow My Audience

Get access to Social Media Task Checklist and say bye bye to unproductive hours, confusion and content overwhelm.

I Need a Step-By-Step Gameplan

Let's have an honest look at your business, review what's working and what needs a little update. Then create a solid Gameplan.

Let’s infuse Your life with
…YOU. Your purpose and your values. Let’s bring satisfaction and joy back into your dictionary. Let’s make you energetic, fulfilled and successful.

Hi, I am Axela! I help online bosses  level up their business and grow their income.

You’re already doing it. You’ve been in business for a few years. Feel like it’s time to take level up and finally earn what you really desire?

Play even

You’re ready to level up, get over the excuses, fears and finally build a successful business. You’re ready to be fully booked and get awesome high-end clients, turn your expertise into 5K+/month coaching or service based business. You got this and I got you.

“Not only is Axela is a very knowledgeable and skilled person – she’s incredibly generous and helpful. If you, like me, have a hundred ideas per minute and are not sure how to follow through, need help organising your thoughts, create strategy, get rid of your mindset blocks and actually get things done – she’s your person! I can honestly say I feel I’m becoming a better business owner and a person thanks to her.” Alex Rogala-Jacek

3-Step Branding Workshop


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