One of the most useful skill you can learn in today’s state of Internet is how to sell by telling stories. The power of storytelling is still only used by a selected few, but it can bring magic factor into your business.
While travelling in Iceland I had a few interesting situations where business thinking turned on some analysing part of my brain. One day during trip planning my partner mentioned one little leaflet which became a starting point to a thought process. I kept thinking about it until I stood in one of the most amazing places (geographically and  historically) on Earth.

The Power of your current resources

When standing at the bridge connecting two tectonic plates and continents I had a moment and recorded a video in which I talk about:

  • how Icelandic people use limited resources available on their island for business
  • how a good story can turn something pretty ordinary into something really cool
  • the power of experiencing

Video contains some beautiful scenery, so if you don’t want to see it skip to 5:56.


You have enough


One of the biggest fears entrepreneurs have when starting out is that they don’t have enough to start with. Not enough knowledge, money, experience and sometimes even the sense they – as people – are not enough. No matter your business level you are enough right here, right now. If you haven’t achieved desired results yet, the chances are that you may need strategy, support or work on your consistency more than on supposedly missing pieces.


Your story matters


Why would I want to share your story – you may ask. There are several reasons, but the most important one is that sharing (not to be mistake with oversharing) opens a space for conversation. This is exactly what you want as a brand – conversations, lots of them to be exact. Social media is a conversation and there is no business without it either. To engage on social media you should act the exact same way as if you were at the party.  Usually it starts by assessing who you’ll chat with and then pursuing further towards someone who grabs your attention. Most likely someone who looks friendly enough to talk to. This is how you bring attention to yourself – by telling your story, because IT will make your more approachable. IT will allow others to identify with you and break barriers.

Your story matters! When right words are used you are focusing on the exact elements which you want people to pay attention to. You can make something look interesting or boring as hell depending on the choice of words. Choose your ones wisely, focus on the unique qualities of yours and ‘show’ what’s important. To learn more about content vs. copywriting and storytelling make sure you participate in FREE #DoItYourWay training which will be happening LIVE in Fearless Bosses Mastermind. See you there!


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